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Zhi Tea

4607 Bolm Rd
Austin, TX 78702
Zhi strives to elevate the American tea culture. By sourcing and providing a cross section of the world's finest teas, we hope to share, inspire and build community over a lovely cup of tea

Zhi Tea is committed to sharing the highest quality, organic, fair trade teas from around the world. Zhi is proud to direct source and hand blend our signature tea in our Austin manufacturing facility.

All Zhi teas are hand picked and processed in small batches - fresh and flavorful. We specialize in oolong tea, and also carry organic green, white, black, and rooibos. Our herbal blends are amazing as well!

Zhi utilizes a holistic outlook to tea drinking. Even when serving you online, we want to connect, from click to cup. Zhi formed to share this passion and create exciting new blends for others to luxuriate in.
Zhi Tea

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