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Moyer Total Wellness

1325 South Colorado Blvd suiteB-016
Denver, CO 80222
Best known for our experienced massage therapists, Moyer Total Wellness is Denver, Colorado's leading health and wellness center. We are dedicated to providing you with the most effective alternative healthcare solutions. Our health clinic specializes in the prevention and management of chronic degenerative diseases utilizing natural therapies including massage therapy, fitness training, nutrition counseling, health coaching, and chiropractic care. Not only do our treatment protocols provide quick relief from most symptoms, our wellness programs are geared towards empowering our members to lead healthy lifestyles. We are not a spa! We are a therapeutic wellness center offering services to bring down stress levels in the body. Our services address physical, chemical, and emotional stress. We have a very unique way of measuring stress in the body, so we prove that our services work.
Moyer Total Wellness

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