Why QuickGifts?

Why are merchants everywhere joining the QuickGifts network?

We unleash your in-store gift cards online

QuickGifts transforms your gift card program from "in-store only" status to a multi-channel online sales engine. Watch your top line take off!

Complete Solution

We combine technology and services to sell your existing in-store gift cards or certificates online. We manage the sale, card order fulfillment, and customer service for both the buyer/recipient.


Sell your in-store gift cards online within 24 hours. No new hardware or software, and no contract term obligation.

Mailbox Money

We process the transaction and mail your gift cards on your behalf. Payment is available via convenient ACH or monthly check.

Trusted Partner

Since 2002, QuickGifts has provided comprehensive gift card commerce solutions that are safe and secure. We work with over 6,000 local merchants, providing exceptional customer service to hundreds of thousands of active buyers and recipients on our network.

Why Sell Your Gift Cards Online?

  • Multiply your gift card sales

    Our customers typically double or triple their gift card sales by extending their programs online-over $7,000 of additional card sales per year on average.

  • Increase customer convenience

    If interested card buyers must visit your store to make a purchase, many simply look elsewhere. Extend your card program online so buyers can purchase when and how they choose.

  • Broader reach & visibility

    Create visibility and sales opportunities by showcasing your card program through email marketing, Facebook, and Twitter-where potential buyers are spending their time online.

  • More cash to grow your business

    Online card sales create even more working capital while you wait for customers to redeem their cards.

  • Card sales = Even more sales

    When card recipients redeem in-store, the overall sale is typically 2.5x the original card value. More card sales online mean an even bigger boost to top line sales.