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Kome Sushi Kitchen

5301 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 712-5700
A perfect gift idea for any occasion!

We want to treat every customer as our friend and family. We will offer a casual and comfortable atmosphere and great food with reasonable prices, where customers can come and enjoy their meal whenever they want, without waiting for their next birthday or anniversary. We want to provide great food with safe and fresh ingredients.

The food we are serving is not exactly traditional Japanese restaurant food, but authentic home-style Japanese cooking – the food we eat every day, and has many influences from other culture and cuisines. It's special because it has some of our family history, with our family recipes and reflecting our backgrounds from Japan, New Orleans, and Austin and also traveling throughout Asia. It's probably more accurate to call our food "Asazu cuisine"! (our last name)

We hope you enjoy your meal at Komé!

-Také and Kayo
Kome Sushi Kitchen

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