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Komali Contemporary Mexican Cuisine

4152 Cole Ave Suite 106
Dallas, TX 75204
Take a fresh new look (and taste) into the cuisine of Mexico at Komali. The restaurant takes its name from the native Aztec word for an open fire griddle used by the people of Mexico to prepare tortillas and toast cacao beans for coffee.

Komali's vision is to distinguish authentic Mexican flavors and preparations from popular Tex-Mex cuisine, and to expand appreciation for the gastronomical culture defined as "Intangible Heritage of Humanity " by UNESCO. Chili sauces are replaced with delicate tomatillo sauces and unique moles; handmade tortillas, homemade queso fresco, herbs and spices are combined with dried chiles to compliment different types of meats and fresh seafood.
Komali Contemporary Mexican Cuisine

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